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Rules for User Comments

Last updated: 14 March 2012

The National Army Museum (NAM) welcomes your opinions. We want our online visitors to share and understand different points of view.

All comments submitted via the NAM website are moderated before they are published on the website. To avoid disappointment or confusion, we would like to outline what we consider as acceptable and unacceptable content.

We may update these rules from time to time, so please read them before leaving a comment on the website.


  • DO be aware that your comment, once published, is visible to anyone with access to the internet.
  • DO take into account that many different types of people of different ages may read your comment.
  • DO consider how others might receive your comment.
  • DO keep your comments relevant to the story or topic.
  • DO be polite.
  • DO use the English language.


  • DO NOT comment on the non-appearance or removal of any content from the NAM website.
  • DO NOT submit any content that is intentionally defamatory, false or misleading.
  • DO NOT submit any content that is intentionally insulting, threatening or abusive.
  • DO NOT submit any content that is intentionally offensive, inflammatory, racist, sexist, homophobic or discriminatory against any religions or other groups.
  • DO NOT submit any content that is obscene or of a sexual nature.
  • DO NOT submit any content that breaches privacy, eg an email address, telephone number or other personal details.
  • DO NOT use your comment to promote any products or services or for any other commercial purpose.
  • DO NOT pretend to be someone else, eg an expert or another user (anonymous comments are allowed, as are nicknames and aliases).
  • DO NOT link to other websites.
  • DO NOT submit any material that infringes copyright.

Comments that are deemed to violate these rules will not be published or may be removed at any time after publishing.

Please understand that, once properly notified of a complaint, we may have to remove a comment for legal reasons (whether it adheres to the rules laid out above or not).

In certain circumstances, where we deem that there was no malicious intent, we may email the contributor offering the chance to modify the original comment so that it can be reinstated.

If you are aware that a comment has been removed from the website, please do not deliberately resubmit the same content.

The NAM reserves the right to edit comments for misspellings or errors in grammar or syntax.

If you would like to discuss the operation of the website with us, please email us on

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