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Women in Combat Roles

Last updated: 14 February 2017

Dr Victoria Basham, Bethan Targett, Deborah Haynes, Elizabeth Quintana, Brigadier Mark Abraham

1 March 2017, 7.00pm

In July 2016, the Prime Minister, David Cameron, announced that women would be allowed to serve in combat roles. The UK now joins countries including Canada, Norway and the US in allowing women to fight on the front line.

A hundred years ago, women could officially join the army for the first time as part of the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). Change has occurred around the world since then, and opportunities for women to serve in their country’s armed forces have opened up.

In partnership with the Royal United Services Institute for Defence & Security Studies (RUSI), we’re bringing together a panel of experts to discuss the significance and implications of the decision to lift the ban on women in combat roles in the British Army.

Each speaker will have 8-10 minutes to share their views. We will then open up the discussion to the audience.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Victoria Basham: Senior Lecturer in International Relations at Cardiff University
  • Bethan Targett: Former British Army commander
  • Deborah Haynes: Defence Editor at The Times
  • Elizabeth Quintana: Senior Research Fellow, Futures and Technology at the Royal United Services Institute
  • Brigadier Mark Abraham: Conducted the British Army’s 2010 review of women in ground close-combat roles


London, SW1A 2ET
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26 January 2017, 6.18pm

As a long time campaigner ( I

As a long time campaigner ( I gave a talk WOMAN : A SOLDIER ) at NAM on the 12th November 2009 ) for women to be treated equally with men in the Nation's Armed Forces, I am delighted that we are about to achieve this and that you are holding this discussion RUSI where I am a member, and at which I hope to participate..

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