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Primary School Learning Sessions

New Primary Sessions

Last updated: 16 September 2016

Science and Design and Technology

New hands-on, interactive science, technology and maths sessions will help your students develop their problem-solving, teamwork and enquiry skills.

Whatever the weather (KS1):
Investigate real-life examples, test materials and design a uniform to keep your toy soldier comfortable, whatever the weather.

On the move (KS1/2):
Plan and work together to navigate a robot vehicle across challenging terrain.

Head on (KS2):
Investigate real-life examples, test materials and design a helmet that will keep a soldier safe from shock and impact - all while being comfortable to wear!

Body builders (KS2):
Discover what it takes to control a robotic arm, and perhaps even a hand. Find out about the challenges faced by those who wear prosthetics, and the amazing technology that goes into making them.

History and Citizenship

Our refreshed history programme encourages students in their historical enquiry skills, using high-quality objects and images from our collections.

Florence, Mary and Edith (KS1):
Compare and contrast the lives of three extraordinary women, or just focus on one, exploring the significance of their contributions to history.

Poppies to remember? (KS1):
Understand why we remember the experiences of soldiers from the First World War to today, and why some people choose to wear a poppy.

Will you join? (KS2):
Investigate the techniques used to increase recruitment in the First World War, and learn some skills to question and challenge the advertising which fills our world today.

Group bookings will be available from February 2017, but some new online resources are available now.

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