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New Secondary School Sessions

New Secondary Sessions

Last updated: 16 September 2016

Army and Empire (KS3):
Using the Seven Years’ War or Sepoy Rebellion as a case study, students consider the complexities of the British Empire and draw conclusions about its impact on the wider world.

English Civil War: Soldiers and Civilians (KS3/4):
Using historic artefacts and documents, students will gain insight into how the Civil War impacted people and communities, and draw conclusions about how the conflict might be remembered.

Recruitment and Conscription: From Press Gangs to PR (KS3):
In this Citizenship-based programme, students will investigate archival sources to think critically about the how the Army has maintained its ranks in the past and present.

What is Total War? (KS3/4):
Analyse historical sources from two key battles in the First World War and Second World War to consider the impact of industrial warfare and how it changed over time.

16+ History Study Days
We’ll also be offering study days for GCSE and A-Level History students, exploring Army and Gender and Army and Empire.

Group bookings will be available from February 2017, but some new online resources are available now.

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