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Meet Marengo: Conserving Napoleon's Horse

Last updated: 5 January 2017

Watch the delicate and difficult process of conserving the skeleton of Napoleon Bonaparte’s horse, Marengo.

Meet Marengo: Conserving Napoleon's Horse

We sent Marengo to the Natural History Museum to prepare him for display in the new Museum. They were tasked with moving his skeleton from its original mount and repositioning him.

The team faced some challenging tasks, such as removing thick metal bars placed in the center of each leg - preservation work completed at least 50 years ago.

With such an old and precious item, the decision to undertake the work was not taken lightly. But, following a thorough inspection, Marengo still had some fighting strength and the skeleton was deemed in a strong enough condition.

Watch out for our next video, where Marengo will be taking his new position in the gallery, ready for opening in Spring 2017. Stay in touch by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or signing up to our e-newsletter.

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1 comment

richard williams
24 January 2017, 11.18pm

Can't wait to come and see it

Can't wait to come and see it all.

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